Our Repair and Customization Services

If you have a stack of damaged denim piling up in your home, it's time to try Denim Therapy's denim services.

We're a denim repair shop with over four decades of experience restoring and reconstructing jeans, jackets, and more. No matter the adjustments needed on your blues, we offer a wide range of denim repair services, including hemming, tailoring, stitching, and many other restoration techniques.

We also offer customization services, including inserts, distressing, chainstitch embroidery, patches, and many more. Plus, if you have a special project, we'll gladly work on that, too! It's our mission to provide you with quality denim repairs, so your fashion pieces can speak to your unique sense of style.

Don't part with your favorite denim just yet - stop into our NYC location or ship us your items. Contact us today to begin your journey toward revamped, sustainable fashion.


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