Superior denim care starts here.

We know that there is more to denim relationships than meets the eye. Jeans are tried-and-true friends that represent unique memories. Which means no two denim relationships (or issues) are alike.

That's why we painstakingly inspect and evaluate every article that comes through our doors before proposing a bespoke prescription. Whether fixing holes, fabric damage or fit issues, we treat each pair of jeans as though they were our own, providing the most inconspicuous repairs possible. And if you want to customize your denim, we can do that too. Above all, we've made the processes simple - from free online estimate to doorstep product delivery.

This commitment to quality, care and ease explains why we've situated Denim Therapy in the heart of America's fashion capital: New York City's Garment District. Here, we've been able to build an unrivaled team with more than 30 years of denim-industry experience. They possess an arsenal of original restoration methods, including a signature reweaving technique developed by our head seamstress. And if your denim issues are really complicated, our address places the nation's best collaborators and materials at our door. Speaking of complicated issues... By repairing your denim and lengthening its life as much as possible, you're also supporting a sustainable fashion model. Not only do we advocate denim restoration over disposal, we are digitalizing our entire repair process to eliminate paper waste, except a shipping label.


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