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Our company, Denim Therapy, was founded in 2006 as a denim repair shop in the heart of the Garment District. When Jessica Azoulai purchased the company in 2016, launching customization services was part of her vision for the future. Denim Therapy's goal is to collaborate with local artists and designers to give clients a unique denim upgrade.

We met Aly Reinert, a Brooklyn-based denim designer, at a trade show in Manhattan. We were impressed with her one-of-a-kind women's pieces converted from men's vintage jeans, and immediately knew we wanted to work together.

After much sketching, sampling, and refining, we launched our first collaboration and couldn't be happier with the results!

This collection is just a glimpse at the possibilities. Clients send us their jeans and we work with them from conception to finish to give their old denim a new life. We perform all repairs in house and offer 100% customization - patterns, fabrics, textures... the sky's the limit!



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