Events and Partnerships

We want to connect you with significant updates in our company as well as the denim community as a whole. No two denim pieces are alike, and we should celebrate the unique impact each piece has on its owner. It travels with you, it's reliable, and it lasts. It's a universal fabric, and it's a staple in every closet around the globe. Plus, there's so many you can do with denim, and we want to share that with the world!

While we're located in NYC, we hope to continue to spread our passion for sustainable fashion. Be sure to check back often for updates regarding upcoming events and new partnerships.

Currently, we partner with local clothing stores and offices, including:

  • - Bloomingdale's
  • - Sam Edelman

Denim Therapy is now available for booking. During your event, we'll perform some of our available services, including chain stitch embroidery, distressing, and decorative patches. It truly adds a fun, animated dynamic - please contact us at for more information.



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