Denim Silk Screening

SILKSCREENING Pick your pic and placement. We'll print it to order.
ESTIMATED COST - starting at $300

Chainstitch embroidery for Denim

CHAINSTITCH EMBROIDERY Elevate your denim with well-placed decoration.
ESTIMATED COST - starting at $40

Pocket Embellishment

POCKET EMBELLISHMENT Personalize your jeans with a bespoke back pocket.

Splatter Painting

SPLATTER PAINTING Vibe creative with a one-of-a-kind paint pattern.
ESTIMATED COST - starting at $70

Custom Denim Embellishments

Are you searching for ways to give your jeans new life? Professional denim embellishment services from Denim Therapy meticulously transform denim into exactly what you envision.

We offer numerous types of denim embellishments, so you can wear one-of-a-kind pieces. From chainstitch embroidery to pocket embellishment, we add something truly special to your jeans. Our seamstress collaborates with you, turning your vision into a reality.

To schedule a professional denim embellishment service, you can either drop off your pieces at our workshop or ship them to us. We believe the finest denim has character - contact us now to start discussing your preferred denim embellishments.


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