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Links and Banners

It's easy to advertise Denim Therapy jean repair and maternity services by building links and banners. When you add these links and banners to your web page and visitors click on them from your page, you can earn $2 for every lead you generate + 10% of sale on all jean repairs.

How do i build affiliate links to denim therapy?

Denim Therapy helps you build links to with a range of tools.

Text links about our services

Link with a specific service on, e.g., Crotch, Maternity Hem, General Repair, and show some information about that product. We will provide you with customized Text Links, Text and Image links, and Image only links to Denim Therapy.

Your links will include your Affiliate tag and you will be paid for qualifying leads and revenues coming through this link.

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Link to using our stylish graphical banners.

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